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My new post is Twin delight about my new twin nephews baby Javier and baby Antonio.

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My son’s first date

Today we went to visit a little girl who really likes my son.  Her parent told me that she always talking about my son almost everyday so they think they can spent some time playing.  Her father actually told last year’s christmas party that they alway refer to my son as their daughter’s boyfriend.  We planned several times to meet but we we’re so busy.  But now it happened and it was so nice and cozy and I think they had so much fun.  They hugged and kissed when they first saw each other and can not believed their eyes that they meet again. The little girl had already stopped going to the day care for a month now because she will start in the kindergarden.

Well I can not blame this little girl (the second one on the right) why he can not forget my son,just look at my son he  is so charming.

It was a nice  day,  we sat down in their backyard while watching these two kids playing and catching up.

And the proud parents,  we were ecstatic that these precious kids can run as fast as lightning while we just can’t believe how time flies so quickly.   2 years ago they’re just lying on their stomach in the day care now they already running and talking.

Hello Philippines!!!

After 6 years I will be back in my beloved country together with my hubby and my son.
I remember the excitement whenever my parents (yes I’m one of the millions Filipino global families) or my aunts and uncles go home to the Philippines. Anticipating what it’s in for me when they open their suitcases and wonder what resorts we’re going to visit.

But now it’s my turn. I’ve been crazy hunting anything in my closet and all the malls scouting for anything I can bring home. My nieces and nephew are teenagers now so it took me a long time to find out something that they will like. Good thing we still have the summer sale going on. I can’t afford to buy expensive gifts since I’m only a student but I already filled 2 suit cases. My sister asked me where do I get my money since don’t work. Well thanks to a very understanding husband my money is my own except I pay for my son’s day care, but the rest is mine and I’m good in saving because I know this moment will come then I don’t have ask him to buy those pasalubongs which he will have the hard time understanding.

25 days is very short time for a visit and I don’t know if I can visit all my friends and visit a lot of places but definately I will spent some time with my family my nieces, cousins and uncle and not to forget my grandmothers who are in their 90’s I hope they still can remember me but I’m sure they are glad that now I’m happily married and did not end up as a old maid.

It’s not a good time to visit the Philippines because it is a wet season but I don’t any choice it the summer vacation here in Europe so I have to make the most of it and pray that there will not come any typhoon or floods. Or we just stay on the beach everyday.

10 days more……and we will be there…

The Joy of Blogging

Since 2002 when I discover blogging, I was just a reader or what they call a blog hopper . I discovered it when I was homesick and I goggled anything about the Philippines. Back then I enjoy reading other blogs most were through get to know some who were pioneer i pinoy blogging. Then I started to blog but I don’t know what to write about. But I was a perfectionist I want to write like the big timers but I’m not a writer and i also got scared on what I read in some comments or in the forums where even the slightest grammatical error were commented. I thought I can not take that.

Just like learning the a new language at first I was so hesitant to speak even I got a grade of 10 (B)in writing and grammar but I’m still poor in communication because everybody was correcting me and I don’t want to be corrected even with good or bad intentions. But then somebody told me just speak so that you learn, it’s their problem if they can’t understand you, she told me. So I did, even my tongue got twisted I tried and now they can not sell me anymore.

The lesson is I don’t care if my writing is not peerfect but maybe in a year or so I will improve so just I write to my hearts content. And for the first time, 2 weeks ago my stats counter plummeted from just less than 100 to now 442 hits wow and someone commented. I felt the excitement especially when there’s some comments waiting to be moderated and wow it’s nice to be noticed especially some of the fellow mommy bloggers like Brownpinay, pinaymommyonline, and desperateblogger cared to visit my site and commented and linked my site to them. I felt ecstatic, I thought star bloggers are snob but not all. All I need to do is to interact not just a reader then you’ll get a response.

So to all who those who read my blog thank you for your time and I try my best to come up with something. I read a tip that you just act yourself so I going to blog about what I like and care about and I will publish some posts that’s been lying on my draft for along time.

I new to this so just hang on there I’m still in the process of learning if you have any corrections, tips or comments I would surely welcome it.

Happy blogging!!!

Free 50 GB storage

Filipinos are crazy about taking pictures and I’m no exception. Ever since I became mom I already out of the picture, it’s always my son or my nephew. With the new mobile phone and digital cameras there’s nothing to stop you taking pictures. I think we already accumulated 10-12,000 pictures not including pictures in my telephone.

Hard disk are getting cheaper each day same with the usb memory card with 16 GB but if you taking a lot of pictures and you have a lot mp3s and movies even 2000 GB oh hard disk will soon be over flooded. I read one blogger I forgot his site but he said that you should have a back up at home, somewhere at a web hosting or those you can find on the net. Don’t just rely on the your harddrive and cd or dvd because sometimes accidents happens. I always carry my 8 GB usb memory key but sometimes I forget it so it’s also not reliable if your like me who always forgetting something.

I’m working with computers most of the times so it is also important for me to store my files somewhere where I can access it whenever or wherever I am. Even we have a server at school but sometimes theres some problem like now they are resetting our servers I lost all my files and emails. I own a 17″ laptop but its too heavy to carry so I seldom bring it with me. Another reason is that they forbid connecting private laptop with the school servers for security reasons.

I tried to avail of these free storage but they require you to download the program and offering only 2 or 5 GB. Because I work with computer most of the times I have some 8GB of usb memory key but sometimes I forgot so it is not reliable. We also made copies by burning to a dvd but it will not last.

Now it is a not problem anymore there’s free 50 GB a free storage and you don’t need to download any program. Just sign in and you ready to back up your files. You can upload by batch if you have java but it’s a little bit slow when you upload more than a hundred the same time. You can also share with family and friends. I don’t get paid for blogging about them but I think it’s my way of thanking them for giving us a free storage. You can click the logo to sign up or go to

Plurk timeline

I love my Bicycle

My son today cycle all the way to the day care around 300m. We crossed some streets and two stoplights. It went smooth but of course I have to be very fast. We bought a 2 wheeled without support bicycle for him because the 3 wheeled bicycle was too easy for him. It will improve his balancing ability which will prepare him when he will use the real cycle when he turns 4 or 5 years old. It will also train him to use the brake and the important thing

This is actually good choice because it is too light only 3.1 kilos so when I can carry it anytime when he’s tired or carry it home in the 4th floor. There is also a pedal kit that you can install when he’s older enough to use the pedal but unfortunately the dealer don’t have any stocks. It took me while to choose between two different German made bicycle which is around 1200 DKK (@220 US$) but this one I chose was cheaper only 600 DKK but it looks more like small version bicycle and I like the color.

He’s very proud of it and every time he meet somebody he just say “See my new bike I love my bike”.